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2020 Yamaha EXR Waverunner

2020 Yamaha EXR, is a blast!
This craft really has a balance between performance and cruising comfort. Check it out!

See the full https://www.BoatDealers.ca article review here: https://www.boatdealers.ca/boat-revie...
Anton Hjalmarsson : how muvh horse power does it have
johnny knoxville bj : best yamaha exr review I've seen so far

2019 Yamaha Waverunner EXR Expert Buyer Review + Top Speed Run!

(http://www.TFLoffroad.com) 2019 Yamaha Waverunner EXR Expert Buyer Review + Top Speed Run!

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TFLoffroad : In the video we never spit out the EXR prices, so here they are: In the US, the EXR sells for $9,299, while North of the border in Canada the unit goes for $13,499.
Josh Domoslai : Are these tunable to free up any restrictions it may have? Thinking of getting one since the price point is good, and seems like the quality may be a bit better then the sea doo spark
Scott Bugbee : After the third YAM-a-HA. I quit....
AsphaltDirtWater : It's not actually "just 1 hour." It's actually 95 minutes. If you read carefully, it says 5 minutes, then the 30 minutes after that, then the hour after that. So you need the full time period for each segment - not just reaching those total hours.
Анатолий Шматков : Speed 50 this is km/h and miles?
Frederico Silva : Thats a losser price !
Kailas Bam : #Bruh ...what is the #mileage? for 1 litre fuel how long does it go..??????
Trey Perry : Man my home river is eat up with these things. First it was the sparks and now these. They are everywhere
B.O. SLOTS & More : I just got the 2020 EXR -and this video was great!!!
Xixu : Pretty pathetic that a $10,000 ski barely touches 50mph. You’re only saving like $2000 vs a gp1800r. The ex needs to be around $8k for it to make any sense for it to exist




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