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UN Handover of Sabah to Philippines. Malaysia Ready for W4r Out of Shame and Disillusionment

UN Handover of Sabah to Philippines. Malaysia Ready for W4r Out of Shame and Disillusionment

Malaysia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Wisma Putra, confirmed that the State of Sabah is part of Malaysia for good.

Malaysian Foreign Minister Hishammuddin Hussein said Malaysia had made a previous stance on Sabah and there were no more problems with the country.
Guillermo Hermosa : I think they don't have to be ashame of what happened but they can escape from shame it they will handed it properly The north Borneoi to the real owner for they are innocent on that aspect,but if the pursue their illegal stands it will be shameful to face the world by committing crime to its neighboring countries.
Herman Man : With all my respect Sabah and sabahan never agree to go under Philippine fold.with president as weird as duterte...killing spree on the street to clamp down rampant drug activity (!!!) Poor and I mean POOR economic growth and development .. violent trespassing of philipinos to sabahan water..what kind of evil is this.malaysia got more robust economy and ringgit are highly placed than pesos to begin with.malaysia got among the highest building in the world(petronas twin towers that's only one) and we also got sepang f1 circuit.again I say with all my respect won't happen.we want stability and good economy.fix yourself Philippine and take Singapore and Brunei as an example.
Anthony Bagaipo : sabah belongs to sultanate of sulu,and give to soverienty on the philippines
Robert Cruz : lusob mga uto uto at mga tangang dds....ang tapang nyo pag malaysia...pag china wala tayong magagawa dyan
クリアアサヒ : Sabah is not part of Malaysia. The Only President ( Duterte)who has Balls to reclaim Sabah . Previous Presidents Especially Abnoy Aquino? A BIG NO! They did Nothing.
Miguel Montero : HaHaHa kala nyu ang China ang maging kalaban ng Pilipinas nuh?? Yun pala nan dyan lang sa tabi tabi natin eh. Kaya mag ready na kaung mga Pinoys dyan lalo na yang mga Muslim Pinoys dyan.
emanoel janalan : Sabah is for the sultanate of jolo the last pride of tausug yakan samal pangutaran all humble not greedy so leave for them
Conrado Balobal : Malaysia do you like war I'll give you war with philippines

Malaysia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

This video for Malaysia is one of our older productions, but we wanted to share it with you to get some feedback on how these older clips compare to the more recent travel guides we’ve shot. Below are some links to those recent videos. Feel free to compare with this clip and comment below to let us know which ones you prefer, and what else you’d love to see from Expedia on YouTube!

St. Petersburg

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Hien Doan : You speak english very happy idlike
Jonas Ark :

Alibaba Group President Faces Criminal Charges in Malaysian Bond Scandal
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. President Michael Evans is among 17 current and former Goldman Sachs directors facing criminal charges over their alleged role in $6.5 billion of bond sales by insolvent Malaysian strategic development company 1Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB.)

The executive, like others charged, now faces custodial sentences and criminal fines in a case with global ramifications. Supposed to promote development, Malaysian state-owned investment fund 1MDB has spurred criminal and regulatory investigations around the world that cast an unflattering spotlight on deal-making, election spending and political patronage under former Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak. Of $8 billion that 1MDB raised via bond sales, the US alleges more than half was siphoned off.

They finally going to arrest the crooks at the top
Final push boycott Malaysian stocks to let them know we mean business
Down with the corrupt elite
Boycott Malaysia
zayyanu muhammadsani : l love Malaysia
Elgon Studio :
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Rick Brayen : Throughout my journey, Indonesia is the most memorable

SNOW : Food heaven.
Anthony carl : Good day
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Akshit Mishra :
Tim Arthur : Aint no body watch this!

2 Impostor KANTOI Dengan BIG BRAIN | Among Us Malaysia

We got 'em bois.

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Kambing Golek : Like the video so I can troll more random in the future
RidzGaming : Tokcik bukan UKILLER ke ?? Member OOHAMI
ANI RIFIN : Bila video vr chat pulak
ANI RIFIN : Nice bing!
Aleef Eusoff : Bila nak sambung human fall flat (part 5)
Mars Y7 : Speechless gile aku tgk teknik key ciptaan dari Bing ni
R ó n î ñ : 3:05 sian ukiller
DANIA NURINA BINTI SAUFI Moe : tokcik tu kawan oohami ke (ukiller)
Nu'manRamzi Man : X paham yg big brain tu
Muhd Irfan Hamdan : Tokcik kwn Hami ???




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